What is the Future of Data in Cryptocurrency?


Increased investors’ movement, hedging against inflation, crypto ETF and IPOs, retail buying social sentiments as well as other data points enable funds to control the bull for volatile profit margins.

In this blog we will talk about:

  • The outburst of crypto in recent times.
  • The alt data sets, which big finance is using for the real-time profits.
  • The future of data in the cryptocurrency market.

The Outburst of Crypto in Recent Times

In 2020 as well as in Q1 2021, the cryptocurrency value has blown up with Bitcoin getting the lead.

If you look at other conventional commodities like gold as well as indexes like S or P 500, you may think that Bitcoin has almost tripled in the year’s gathering alone!


Let’s go through the leading factors for this increase :

Panic of Covid-19 Pandemic

As rates of unemployment rolled in, doubts about long-term prospects of the social distancing have affected businesses as well as concerns over sanction currency inflation — as investors were ambitious about commodities, which might assist in storing values.

Institutional Interests

Alt-coins, especially Bitcoin have started getting key institutional interest. Amongst the most important was Tesla’s acquisition of $1.5 Billion Bitcoins as well as MassMutual, which has invested $100 million.

Payment Methods

A lot of leading businesses are accepting payments in cryptocurrency, including PayPal, Etsy, and Starbucks. This wide acceptance in retail pushes circulation volumes as well as positive influences in pricing.

The alt data sets, which big finances are using for the real-time profits if you are:

  • A quant fund developer wanting to create a crypto trading bot
  • A hedge fund searching for the real-time crypto movements data to assist trigger trades
  • Dealing with institution’s research as well as publishing the policy papers on cryptocurrency regulations.

Let’s go through some data points, which you need to keep in mind and include in the models:

Social Sentiments

Influencers or in crypto phraseology ‘Whales’, are the people that cryptocurrency investors are looking for to get inspiration like in which coins I should invest or when to purchase or sell. Curating the list of cryptocurrency influencers and also collecting:

  • Currency mentions
  • Engagements
  • List of different social media accounts
  • Post volume
  • Real posts
  • Sharing news links
  • Total followers

Can all these assist you in discerning socially-driven asset valuation movements? This kind of data could assist your team in tracking if social metrics are suggestive of bearish or bullish sentiments, taking selling, buying, or holding decisions. For instance, if you are gathering social mentions about Etherium on any provided ‘Whale’s account — on average, you will see around 20 everyday coin mentions. On any given day, you might pick up 30 mentions or an increase of 50% in whale interests as well as feel the increase in Etherium valuations. When established all these, the ‘social signals’ can assist in triggering buy or sell orders before any major migrations.

Coin Monitoring

Further, then social sentiments, you will also need to collect data about any particular coins’ current and historical fluctuations, as well as metrics. It can assist you as well as your team in making charts that allow you to effortlessly view periodicals like Lows, Highs, and unexpected volatile swings.

One may also gather other unusual data sets that associate with the changes in assessments as well as create rational models. For instance, assume that you are gathering data on values of Bitcoin as well as you recognize that the pricing increased at $44,200. You may consecutively gather news data points that will result in many bits about Tesla’s investment of $1.5 billion in this class. It may result in your analysts setting a trigger in the trading models depending on the acquisition of altcoins through big corporate entities or institutional investors.

Alt Data Sets Made for Your Distinctive Investment Styles

What you select to collect could rely on the investment styles you have. As the majority of investment houses understand, getting your unique method is what gives funds despite in any provided landscape. Examples about alt data points, which are ‘offbeat the track’ might include:

Statistics Scraping

Coins depending on the blockchains like Bitcoin have mined coins as well as recorded transactions. Without excessively complicating things, the actions leave some digital footprints, which could be gathered as alt data. For instance, a Bitcoin equal to Point-of-Sale data might be gathering data about the new ‘blocks’ supplementary to blockchain public records, suggesting that the transaction takes place. It may also consist of crawling ‘nodes’ that work as the public ledgers and help in verifying future transactions. Tracking transactions may help in indicating trading volumes, coin demands, as well as circulation that may influence when and how you manage trades.

Market Caps

It is a good indicator of demand and supply as it assists you in keeping track of the sizes of all given coins. It is achieved through collecting data on present market prices about the coin as well as multiplying it through the coins in circulation.

The Future of Data in the Cryptocurrency Market

As cryptocurrencies are getting popular amongst investors and consumers, there would be many areas where data collection would play an important role.

An example of that is that some central banks, particularly in the USA, might try to execute financial regulations and legislation, and U.S. Treasury Secretary is leading the efforts on cryptocurrency regulations — having live alt data feeds with governmental updates would be amongst the important requirements of digital currency’s traders.

Other examples consist of companies that provide :

  • Investment Services
  • Online Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Taxation

to cryptocurrency traders. The companies will require to get live feeds of cryptocurrency data powering dashboards, tools, SaaS applications, as well as would be searching data collection networks, which can provide the goods.

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