How Big Data & Analytics is Transforming the World of OTT?


When comes to video and entertainment, the situation is similar. The growth of higher-speed internet, as well as the explosion of smartphone’s culture, has entirely transformed the way of content consumption. Once ‘cable’ reliant, currently, we are not the hostages of any cable or broadcasters anymore. Thanks to growth of OTT or ‘Over The Top’ channels where you get content with the help of the internet services.

Using services like Hulu and Netflix Hulu as the consistent part of the vocabulary, and OTT marketplace is ready to explode. The research indicates that VoD or Video-on-Demand marketplace and OTT market within the APAC province, for instance, is expected to sit with $42 Billion revenue from 351 Mn subscribers in 2023.

Extensive content offerings have made this OTT business achieve its reputation. Although, today the broad-related content providing is not sufficient. Personalization has occupied its position at the center of the streaming services.

These days, broadcasting media companies are going towards the OTT trend as well as are providing video content to the subscribers using different channels. As this OTT market is maturing, it is becoming more and more competitive. For example:

· Customer’s churn is amongst the biggest challenges for this OTT business.

· Making sure to get the optimum lifetime value from the client base is not easy.

· As more service providers are entering this market, the OTT service providers need to find ways of making their customers stay with their services after the primary viewing experience as well as get them to avid customers.

Big Data & Analytics is the answer of all these.

How the Big Data & Analytics is Transforming the OTT World?

Any wonderful OTT service begins with the understanding of customers as well as reacting to their requirements quickly — if this is for the content, user experiences, or business models.

As the ‘viewers’ lie in the soul of a business, the OTT managers need to use Big Data & Analytics to allow actionable learning about customer’s behaviors as well as organize the business rules.

Understand Customer’s Churn

Today, the OTT viewers are ruined for options. The market has overcrowded. Together with total OTT players, an option of the service providers is increasing too for the customers. Customer’s churn is the actual problem to get solved to maintain success in this OTT world.

The majority of OTT services toil with retention when they get launched. Customer acquisition has also become more challenging and expensive as markets have become more inhabited. Although, Big Data & Analytics could level the field by offering comprehensive churn analytics, which answers the questions including ‘which consumers are most probable to churn in the next month schedule’?

Big Data Analytics provides OTT service providers the capability to aggregate distinct data sets as well as create the 360-degree customer’s view. OTT service providers can utilize more-precise churn predictions as well as utilize historical and real-time data, user’s data as well as user’s behavior with other related data to recognize subscriber clusters having a higher risk of churns. Also, they have detailed insights about the key reasons for churn as well as could proactively work to solve this problem.

Cross All Content Gaps with Personalization

The OTT viewers need custom-made, relevant, and appropriate content. OTT has become mainstream, as well as the viewers need ample content on different services.

Although, with the new streaming service, which comes online nearly every week, you can have more content than ever which has been given in the history. The reference engines require more personalization and customization powers to provide the right type of content to users.

Any OTT content requires leveraging the Big Data & Analytics to reach the ‘Spotify’ model in which content could easily get served depending on the individual’s predilection. By combining big data sets for the user’s data as well as metadata to do analysis, the OTT providers could fine-tune the recommendation engines and make sure that only right content touches the right users.

Deeper Big Data Analytics provides OTT service providers with deep audience insights. This helps them in understanding genres of the content, which are in higher demand, which content the audiences’ demand at which time of a day, whenever they pause, or which they skip. Depending on the data, the OTT providers could make informed decisions about content distribution.

Enhance Customer’s Experiences

Accepting territory-particular nuances of the user’s behavior as well as getting insights into the device demographics as well as infrastructure becomes very important as OTT service providers just look at encouraging international audiences. Besides, getting granular insights in real-time with living as well as on-demand OTT services becomes important to improve the customer’s experience as well as lead the OTT games.

Big Data & Analytics plays an important role in offering deep insights about all influencers for customer experience through looking at all data intelligence. Data Analytics assists in having a multi-dimensional and complete understanding of the viewer’s experience and providers OTT service providers data granularity for benchmarking things, which matter the most, recognize disruptions, which affect engagement, as well as make smarter business assessments without uncertainty influencing that.

With behavior-dependent audience insights as well as fan analytics allows the OTT service providers to outline the viewers precisely. It helps them in making more well-versed business decisions about programming options, anticipated cross-selling, marketing effectiveness, as well as upselling opportunities to make it more appropriate and related to the viewers.


The concept of Big Data & Analytics is transforming the OTT world by improving the user’s experience with more personalized and accurate recommendations. This permits advertising to be more targeted depending on the user’s likings. Big Data & Analytics also offer insights of making accurate predictions about the best offers as well as help fuel upselling and cross-selling initiatives.

The benefit, which OTT players are having is, they already are sitting on the mountains of important data. Although, Big Data is not about only data this is about analytics. Understanding how the data works, knowing about how to push as well as manipulate the data, as well as using the best analytics would help the OTT service providers the insights they require to create the finest approaches, which result in customer retention, customer satisfaction, as well as profitability.