• willis JOHNSON

    willis JOHNSON

    author ,loves peace -he preaches peace with one self and others ; writer's history; he writes to educate the public on various public affairs in the world

  • Sameer Deshpande

    Sameer Deshpande

  • Ramesh Nelluri

    Ramesh Nelluri

    Data Engineering Architect cherish data and solutions using innovative tech trends and coaches IT aspirants in Programming, Design and Architecture

  • Waqas Ahmad

    Waqas Ahmad

    working as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Ahmad Softwware Technologies

  • mandy Yiu

    mandy Yiu

  • Onur İnan Pektaş

    Onur İnan Pektaş

    My bachelor was statistics, and MS student in AI now.

  • Muhammad Asif Abdul Rehman

    Muhammad Asif Abdul Rehman

  • Mahmut Kamalak

    Mahmut Kamalak

    Junior AI Developer / MSc. Digital Health

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